Hello there,


I'm BELLE ^~^

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Anything that is virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, I will seek after these things.. and reblog ;P

waiting & writing the missionary.

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Today is such a beautiful day :D

I’m grateful for the sunshine, cool breeze and the opportunity to enjoy it.

I sent off a letter, so that means I can look forward to getting one in return.


It’s shaping out to be an amazing day.. It’s all about perspective.



Okay, for those who have been following me the lat couple of days.. i have what i thought was a chest infection, is just a really bad cold :s so i really should be resting, and for that matter asleep lol

Which makes me sad T^T

Oh ~ an update, i still have yet to complete my essays.. and luckily for me i only spent a max of ten minutes at the doctors to get my certificate and not be penalized for submitting my assignment late.. anyway..

It’s Spring time now, in Australia, and instead of having lovely weather.. its been cold, dark and rainy :s i hope the sun comes out soon..

i feel that i am getting wayyy to distracted by my tumblr LOL

so i’m just casually uploading photos in which i love.. mostly associated with DISNEY :D because hey let’s face it.. there is something about the world of Disney that brightens anybody’s mood :)
anywho.. much love to all of you.. excuse my series of uploads ;P

peace out.

- b


Second day of spring..
Enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful Sabbath :)

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Second day of spring..
Enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful Sabbath :)