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I'm BELLE ^~^

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Anything that is virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, I will seek after these things.. and reblog ;P

waiting & writing the missionary.

If you want to know more about my Identity
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Hey my lovelies!!

Iv’e been really inconsistent with my [other] blog, so hopefully I’ll be able to give detailed accounts of my randomness in this MG life :)

check it out: http://ellebeive.blogspot.com.au/

If anyone has a blog, I’m a major [stalker] LOVER of missionary girlfriend experiences, I’d love to read yours!

Much love to you all 



Kinda over tumblr.. and the random things which pop up on my dash..

I’ve been in a process of creating a blogspot, which I’ve just reblogged my ‘missionary girlfriend’ experiences and other posts worth the blogging about my life. I’ll be using that more from now on.

I actually intend to use my blogspot as an actual journal with more detailed accounts of my thoughts and feelings on anything and everything.. But mainly my growth as an individual through spiritual experiences..

I really should have made a blog spot from the very beginning..

Just a shout out to all my fellow MG’s out there, we got this :D



Okay, for those who have been following me the lat couple of days.. i have what i thought was a chest infection, is just a really bad cold :s so i really should be resting, and for that matter asleep lol

Which makes me sad T^T

Oh ~ an update, i still have yet to complete my essays.. and luckily for me i only spent a max of ten minutes at the doctors to get my certificate and not be penalized for submitting my assignment late.. anyway..

It’s Spring time now, in Australia, and instead of having lovely weather.. its been cold, dark and rainy :s i hope the sun comes out soon..

i feel that i am getting wayyy to distracted by my tumblr LOL

so i’m just casually uploading photos in which i love.. mostly associated with DISNEY :D because hey let’s face it.. there is something about the world of Disney that brightens anybody’s mood :)
anywho.. much love to all of you.. excuse my series of uploads ;P

peace out.

- b


60 days

Well, I haven’t posted a blog in sooo long!! It’s funny how excited and motivated I was at the beginning.. But yeah, you know how it goes.

It’s crazy how many things have changed in just 60 days.. I’ve rediscovered so many things about myself that I’ve forgotten throughout time.. Like talents, interests, music.. Hopefully I’ll continue to develop & enjoy them :D

As for my missionary waiting.. Although we are no longer together.. He is my bestfriend. We continue to write each other and share our growth over these past couple if months.. I miss him. But we’re okay.. We’ll just see how it goes :)

But I’m okay.. I think I’ve finally adjusted and now focusing on me.. Which is different LOL

Hopefully I’ll be more proactive in tumblring more often.. ;P

Peace out :D

my pursuit of happiness

well… no words can truly express how I’m feeling right now..

I’ve spent the last 48 hours in my room.. i really don’t have any direction right now. I don’t know what to think, or how to feel..

so this will be my declaration.

That I will pick myself up, even though I’ve fallen to pieces and now am broken..

I will do what i can to find happiness again..

no matter how long it will take..

now this can be a blog about finding myself again. my pursuit of happiness.

i would appreciate your support and love. There is a plan for each of us.. now i just need to find the right path to take..

soon enough i will post up my mini convention adventure.. trust me. Its a crazy story.

my apologies

Thank you again to those who’ve reached out to me.. and i just wanted to ask for your patience..

IM SUCH A LOST GUY when it comes to this tumblr thing and i still have NO idea how to do anything really.. I dont think my particular theme allows me to respond back to the notes you make on my posts sorry!

What i do have however, is that DISCUS thing. If you read my actual posts, and click the time and date ~ you’ll be re directed to that particular post in which you can leave a comment there.. for me its easier to respond to your questions and thank you personally instead of private messaging you.. :D

BUT THANKS SO MUCH!! I’d love to hear from the handful of you that are supporting me through this time! I’d love to be your support also. I’m sorry if thats a hassle, if not ill just have to figure out how to reply to you some other way


fifteen days

Okay, can finally begin my tumblr-ing ness ahaha xD

Well, you may be wondering how I went with my exams.. Let’s just say that I’m happy that it’s all over.. And yes, I did study.. The amount and the effectiveness of the study is irrelevant just know that I did ..

Exams are now officially over so the holidays… CAN COME AT ME! booYah!

So here I am, watching The Voice Australia finale and I can’t help but feel like there is something I should be doing.. Like studying or feeling that something has to be done however… I’m on HOLIDAYS! This feeling will pass eventually but it’s making me anxious haha. Well now what to talk about? I have this whole blog to talk about me but I should probably tell you about my mr.man..

Blayney. My best friend. My home dawg. My bruh. My penguin. The love of my life.


(taken with instagram - after my sister’s engagement party)

Blayney, is leaving to become a full time missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to prepare to teach the people in Manchester, England the gospel for the next two years.

(generated from www.freemaptools.com)

As shown on the map i live in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. Whats’ handy (or depressing) about this particular website is that it also gives you a measurement - the distance between two countries.. or how i see it.. The distance between my boyfriend and I.. which is ‘as the crow flies’ 16,970.000km away from me..

This little emoticon penguin is ME.. well it will be me in, wait for it.. 15 DAYS!

So as the stress of exams are now officially over i have fifteen days to spend quality time with my Blayney. Fifteen days. FIFTEEN DAYS. I have to keep repeating this to myself. How in the world will I be able to say goodbye, till we meet again - to the person who IS my entire universe? What’s annoying is Australia’s BIGGEST TOYSALE is starting on Wednesday - for those of you who haven’t clued in, i work at Target - so contrary to my usual 3 hour shift i am clocking up to 30+ hours the next four days.. so really it’s eleven days till he leaves.

What’s even MORE crazy about this whole scenario is i have yet to cry.. YET. It feels so surreal, but i will be taking it one day at a time. And so here it is.. the beginning of my life as the girl waiting at home.

It really will be hard to see him go, however, I am truly blessed and grateful for his desire and example to serve the Lord. Blayney will be an amazing missionary!! I am really excited for him, and he’s beyond excited to serve! This will be an experience in which we will both grow spiritually. In this time I hope to learn more about myself, and figure out who i am again ~ without Blayney.

On the plus side ~ i love letter writing ~ but even more so MAIL ^~^

Becoming a busy bee

Well, here i am again. I’m still trying to find my grounding with this whole blogging thing haha :D

But hey, it’s just like a journal except there is a possibility that someone out there will want to read this and ‘follow me’ ~ like everyone else who is blogging i have a reason. Before i actually started i had to weigh up my reasonings for blogging in the first place, and this is what i came up with:

It’s a form of expression - it’ll give me a means to vent, complain, laugh, reflect on the happenings of my life in a fun medium in which i can make pretty - and personalise to suit my personality :)

I needed something exciting and new to do - i usually waste ‘occupy’ my time with doing random things that really have no significance to my life and its direction.. although i must admit that taking care of my dragons at the moment makes me feel alive.. and some what responsible -~-“

OKAY ~ so the MAJOR decider as to why i thought i should start blogging is to develop a social network - and somewhat of a support system.. My boyfriend will be leaving me to serve a mission. i thought this would be a healthy way to express myself as i go through the motions as the ‘girl waiting back home’ and instead of flicking through a tattered half written journal, he can look back on this..

alright, so my list isn’t really long, however a lot of thought went into actually starting a blog.. i had to ask myself these questions:

“Do i really need something new and exciting to do?” (yes. dragons wont need me forever)

“Do i really need to express the inner workings of my mind on a blog?” (yes. i’m kinda repressed)

“Do i really need a support system?” (really woman? seriously.. CLEARLY - i’ll be a complete mess when he leaves..)

“What if people don’t like me?” (haha.. but really stuff the haters ;P)

“Why should i do this? How will this benefit me?” (but i know the answer already)

"HOW will THIS benefit me?"

the answer is simple: to keep me busy - as a bee

(and i needed an excuse to incorporate these cute bee bullet points :])

The uni semester is basically over, with only 2 more exams to go I will definitely need something more. keeping an online blog will do just the trick. To maintain a blog and remain true to myself is hard work.. last night it took ages to find a perfect theme, and i still changed it. So, realistically i want to hibernate for all of the winter break.. but with my mr.man leaving? I’ll have many sleepless nights.. 

Here i am going on and on about my mr.man and yet i haven’t even given you our story - trust me everybody LOVES a good story - and ours is one for the ages ;P

*I’ll make a separate page for our story so you don’t have to keep scrolling down on this one*

so now you know why I’m blogging :)

This shall suffice for now, but knowing me i’ll type up another blog again - because as i said - this is exciting and new :D

You’ll hear from me soon - im still trying to work out how to use this tumblr..

Noob much?



Okay, well its 1:23am (1,2,3 haha) and instead of studying of my pathophysiology exam that i have in two days I’m well.. not studying :s

i’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to find the perfect theme that represents me and a name for my blog.. this is merely a a draft blog to see what my posts will look like in this particular theme but hey its late (or early depending on how you look at it) and I’m going to stick with this theme for now.. well tonight.. ive seen the preview and it looks cute. Text is kinda small though…

the reason why i’ve decided to call my blog 'framed state of mind' is well, i wear glasses and hey this is MY blog where i can write anything that’s on my mind :)

welcome to my blog.. i will update you as to why I’ve decided to finally start blogging at a reasonable hour tomorrow (today.. watevs xD) but for now i hope you enjoy reading


- b

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